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A man on an endurance mission

Transatlanticway Race Days 1&2

This was the second stop I had made for water since the start of the race, the salt lines were showing on my jersey, wasn't this race supposed to be wet, windy and cold? I had expected to be racing... Continue Reading →


Transatlanticway 2018: the build up

After the blistering heat of Transcontinental No 5 in 2017, I had quickly decided that my next endurance race experience would be somewhere unlikely to see temperatures even remotely close to 40C and preferably not even above 30C.  As I... Continue Reading →

TCRNo5 preparation: a visual story of the data

As a quick follow up to the more lengthy and verbose account of my Transcontinental preparation experience in 2017, (see here), I wanted to supplement it with some data.  James Hayden, the eventual winner of TCR 2017, has some great... Continue Reading →

TCRno5: getting to the start

  TCR, three little letters that carried such a weight of expectation in my mind for the last year,  and now,  post race,  carry a multitude of memories and feelings from an experience (to call it merely a race seems... Continue Reading →

Doing the Transcontinental experience, the easy way

This is it, my first taste of the event that is the endgame of all this effort, blood,  sweat an tears.  But this time around, I had the opportunity to take part in the Transcontinental race No.4 as a volunteer... Continue Reading →

Transcontinental Trepidation

The time of reckoning is fast approaching,  a day that I have looked forward to and dreaded in equal measure in an endless repeating cycle since I first that sinking sense of elation when I learned I had a start place... Continue Reading →

The Holy Transition

The triathlon transition area is a place of almost religious significance to triathletes, one finds ones designated area, unloads the trappings of the trade and lays them out with well practiced reverence.  Most of us will have spent time  agonising... Continue Reading →

What’s up with wetsuits?

Inbetween my first sprint triathlon  and my first olympic triathlon, I had to come to terms with swimming longer distances and, importantly, purchasing and getting used to my first wetsuit. Stepping up to the longer distance presented a considerable increase in... Continue Reading →

AlbExtrem 26th June 2016

Clue is in the name

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