Tri Ginger

A man on an endurance mission, first stop Turkey, twice



TCRno5: getting to the start

  TCR, three little letters that carried such a weight of expectation in my mind for the last year,  and now,  post race,  carry a multitude of memories and feelings from an experience (to call it merely a race seems... Continue Reading →


Doing the Transcontinental experience, the easy way

This is it, my first taste of the event that is the endgame of all this effort, blood,  sweat an tears.  But this time around, I had the opportunity to take part in the Transcontinental race No.4 as a volunteer... Continue Reading →

Roads to Turkey

What is the point? Welcome to the blog of my journey to compete in two endurance events which will lead me to the gateway of east and west. Two physical and mental challenges to push me to places I never went... Continue Reading →

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